I Visited the National Guard in Odesa

I Visited the National Guard in Odesa

Odesa has more than just sailors! During my time in the city I visited the 11th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine. 

I am pleased to say that the unit is in a very good state, particularly in terms of both food and living conditions. 

The members of the National Guard in Odesa are perfectly equipped. I am not at liberty to mention everything, but I can say that the unit has:
🔺A life support ambulance 
🔺A self-contained medical centre
🔺A car fitted with modern telecommunications equipment allowing them to monitor public order and apprehend offenders 
🔺Drones (you can’t do without them these days!)
🔺Interactive target practice complexes
🔺A mobile TV and cinema centre, so the soldiers can watch films, news and football on the range or at the front

These are the courageous warriors who are keeping the peace every day in our Ukrainian Odesa. 

More than 400 of the servicemen in the Brigade carried out military operations around Mariupol. Together with the AFU, the National Guard carried out their military duty in the war with honour, and contributed greatly to the deoccupation of Mariupol. 

I have now visited over 10 military units in the West, the East and the South. I am very impressed by the way our Army, National Guard and Border Guard Service are developing. This is what keeps our battle for independence going strong. 

My team and I are very grateful to the commander of the 11th Brigade, Colonel Viacheslav Krasnopolskyi, and to the deputy head of the Southern Department of the National Guard of Ukraine, Colonel Volodymyr Udovychenko, for their hospitality!

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