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Western Ukraine - the Diversity of Europe 

We are bringing the country together by filling it with common meanings, questions and goals. 

At the second of our “Ukraine 603.7” forums, which took place in Uzhhorod on the 18th of September, we focussed on questions of national security in the West of Ukraine. We looked at military security, economic security, energy security, information security, and also at the interethnic relations between the region’s many national minorities. 

The following are some of the day’s findings: 

✅Our country’s borders require round-the-clock protection, and the challenges in this area are growing. Western Ukraine is no less in need of technical upgrades and rearmament than Eastern Ukraine, and on the human level we need to foster an enhanced collective consciousness around the issue and a level of trust in the workers who are there to protect us. 
✅Zakarpattia is rich in natural resources, meaning there is potential to develop the energy sector there by looking into solar energy and hydrogen production. This could help the region to gain energy independence and even export to foreign markets. 

✅We still have challenges in terms of infrastructure, but things look promising as we are already developing solutions which are gradually being put into practice: a new cargo airport in Mukachevo, increasing the capacity of roads through the region’s mountain passes, and expanding the network of state border crossings. 

✅Every member of a national minority living on the territory of Ukraine, many of whom are concentrated in the West of the country, is a Ukrainian citizen and must feel safe and secure here. We are actively working on this issue, and in particular there is a bill which should soon pass into law which will protect the linguistic and cultural rights of Hungarians, Roma, Poles, Slovaks, Jewish people and Crimean Tatars.
✅And finally, something which is relevant for the whole of Ukraine but is particularly serious in the West is the issue of Ukrainians leaving their homeland for work, chasing better opportunities in other countries. To solve this problem the Western Ukrainian authorities must take advantage of everything available to them — the wonderful geographic location of the region, its natural resources, its unique culture and so on — to attract investments to the region. In this way Zakarpattia and the whole of Western Ukraine can develop into a region where people stay for good once they have come. 

🎯I would like to give a special mention to the youth of Zakarpattia, as it is precisely this group of people who will be responsible for the future of the region, for its success, its prosperity and unlocking its full potential. 

As part of our forum we conducted a brainstorm session with the youth of Zakarpattia, in which we looked at questions of regional employment, social opportunities and educational prospects. 

I would like to think that they are all committed to progress and cooperation for the good of the region, and to always moving onwards and upwards!

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