What should the West do to Help Ukraine?

I am recording this video in difficult times from Ukraine.

The part of the territory of my country was occupied. 
I can't believe it's 2022 we will get invasion again. 
Today when all the world is watching us and asking what should we do…
My answer is first of all DON’T HAVE ILLUSIONS ABOUT PUTIN!

Putin really wants to impose his full control and to occupy as much territory as he wants. He did it in 2008 in Georgia, he did it in 2014 in Ukraine and he is doing it right now.

What do we want in Ukraine? We want peace, we want stability, we want security!

We can protect our country by our forces by our unity, but with your help!
With your economical help, political help! With your military, economic assistance.

When we are all together, then Putin will understand that there is unity and there is strength.

So if there is an awareness in your country that there is a need to support Ukraine! Please, support it!

We want to be a member of the European Union.
We want to be a member of NATO.

And it will possible when we will be TOGETHER!

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